Five Tips For Selecting The Best Automated Testing Tool For Your Project

A series of software tools have emerged lately to validate output against certain test conditions. It is one of the best methods to execute repetitive test cases using software that controls the test implementation.SAP automated testing is a method of getting rid of repetitive manual tests and this systematic program works far better than other tools. When you work on a project for a year or so, you will get an idea about automation testing and why you need them badly.

It is easy for one to find out the ins and outs of any project, working throughout a year. The success of this method largely relies on selection of the right tool and it does take a long time to determine the relevant tool; it should benefit your project in long run.  The selection of automated tool can be a challenging task as you’ll not only have to manage your testing needs, but also the cost restrictions. You need to define your requirement, shortlist some tools and software, and much more. The following tips can help you in selecting the best automated testing tool for your project.


The selected tool should support your operating system; it should be compatible not only with as many OS as possible, but also the latest versions. You need to ensure that the testing tool supports the test cases, such as distributed testing, functional testing, unit testing, load testing, regression testing, and so on. It should support distributed or load testing and hence, it can be executed properly with add-ons or separate products. The quality of the technical support a tool provides must be checked as well.

Record and Run Playback

This criterion should be checked without fail; the testing software should be easy to understand and use and should allow you to create test cases quickly and efficiently, though you come under the category of non-tech team. The automated testing tool should have visual interfaces, which can assist even an inexperienced tester to get used to it. When selecting the tool, ensure that it can record and play back your actions on tested item.

Automated Test Scripting

Many automated tools offer scripting abilities that help to perform operations, which can’t be done with regular or normal features. The scripting option helps to implement specific applications and offers more effective functionalities. Using scripting languages like Jscript and VBScript can decrease the time to get familiar with the products.

Extra Features

Select a tool, which you can launch automatically, after the application build is over at a certain time. You can also consider other options, such as additional libraries (call routines in Java, call Win32 API functions, and call OS commands). Check whether it can be used with build programs, as few testing tools can be used this way. Consider even the pricing factor, including support fee, price of add-ons, product price, and upgrade charges.

Test Result

Check out all test resulting options, such as comparing test results, logging, and export test results. The log must contain different types of informative messages, like warnings, errors, etc. Hence, you can easily discover why the test failed and what went wrong. Another important thing that you need to consider is the availability of a trail version, so that you can use it before buying.

In short, when choosing automated testing tool, ensure that your company considers the cost and benefits and select the one having good customer and technical support.


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